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Doctor Love and Hemp City have combined the wonderful world of a love shop with a huge selection of smoking accessories. We have created the most fun and unique one-stop shop with knowledgeable and professional staff members at each of our locations. We have a large array of smoking accessories and are always willing to help you find the perfect products for your pleasure, whatever that may be. From bongs to dongs, we have it all. Doctor Love and Hemp city has been around for 15 years and continues to help satisfy all customers with affordable top-quality products.

New In Stock!

Nicotine E-Juice

Vapor North
The Cranbrook and Kamloops locations have just introduced new Premium E-Juice from Vapor North. These locations have brought in an amazing selection of Vapor North Premium Blends in a variety of strengths. Check out our amazing selection today!

Gold Seal
Gold Seal e-juice is made in Canada from the finest North American ingredients in a government regulated food-grade facility.

New flavours are being created regularly and their flavour duplication system ensures customers have all the variety they wish.

Available in 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg.

Nicotine E-Juice

E-Juice Pens / Kits

We carry a large selection of e-juice pens that you can load with your favorite flavours of e-juice. These pens vary in style, colour and ability. Some of our pens have multiple cartridges for different uses, and others are designed specifically for e-juices.

Check out our amazing selections of e-juice pens and kits, and ask about our flavoured nicotine e-juices. Some of our pens include the Buck Naked­® Express Kit, the Juicy Jay's® 8-wick pen and different styles of Skunk Sticks. Our latest additions include the Innokin iTaste MVP 20, and MVP 3.0 batteries, the Aerotank Mini, and the Kangertech® SUBTANK-NANO and MINI, and corresponding coils. We also now offer the
MVP 3.0 Pro and Cool Fire IV Battery.


Vaporizers are a great choice for those who want to enjoy their product without the hazards of inhaling smoke. Products like tobacco, plants and herbs are placed in a bowl, tray or chamber, and are then heated with very hot air, rather than a flame. Heating the materials in this way allows you to get the full benefits of your product without combustion. Instead, the extreme heat allows the natural oils to vaporize. This heated vapor is then pumped into a bag for inhalation, or is inhaled directly through a hose, called a whip or a straw. There are many different kinds of vaporizers including extravagant tabletop pieces, butane-powered, battery-powered, portable and discreet. Some of the vaporizers that we sell include: the Firefly®, the PAX, the Ascent, Skunk Sticks, the Solo, SuperNova, the Deluxe Daddy™, Randy's Pen and so many more.

Bongs & Pipes

Bongs and Pipes are a more common way of smoking tobacco products. The product is placed in a bowl, heated and then inhaled into a chamber, sometimes filled with water where the smoke is cooled and filtered, prior to being inhaled. We have a wide variety of colours and prices of bongs and pipes for every shopper. Bongs may have multiple percolators, water chambers and removable pieces.

Some of our brands include products from Puff, Gear, Red Eye, Hoss, Grav Labs and so many more.


Hookahs are a long standing Eastern tradition, and provide a more social aspect to smoking. Also called a water pipe, the hookah is a tall standing pipe with single or multiple hoses, or whips, coming off the main structure. Hookahs are typically used with Shisha (fruit flavored molasses that can be strictly herbal or tobacco products.) The shisha is heated with coals and then inhaled through the hose for a flavorful spin on smoking.

We have many kinds of hookahs with a price range to fit all budgets. We also carry hydro shisha, El Nakhla tobacco shisha, as well as Coco Mazaya and 3 Kings charcoals.


Grinders are used to bust up your herbs into smaller pieces, making it easier to roll or pack. There are varying sizes of grinders in varying qualities: from smaller plastic or wooden pieces, to large stainless steel grinding machines. We carry simple grinders or more extravagant pollinators with multiple chambers.

Some of our products include: Buddies grinders, Kannastor, Sharpstone, Puff grinders and so many more. See us in store to find the perfect grinder for you.



Papers are one of the most common forms of smoking where you roll your product into a cigarette that is then lit and inhaled. We carry a variety of fun papers that are bleached, unbleached, flavored, superfine, slow burning, fast-burning, rice, hemp and a lot more.

Some of our products include but are not limited to Juicy Jay's, Blunt, Raw, Elements, Skunk, Zigzags and more!

hemp city | juicy jay's paper


Hemp City has a wide range of accessories including spare parts for your acrylic and glass bongs, hoses, whips, metal and glass screens etc. But we also carry a large range of smoking accessories such as butane, lighters, pipe bags, flavored tips, filters, USB lighters, cones, stash cans, incense, bedtime smokers, vortex bongs, lollipipes, sweaters, necklaces, oils and lotions! Find out more today, as the list goes on!

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